As a nation have much history and unique culture Japan has numerous tourist attractions, both for all those that find the old traditional Japanese experience and all those wishing to see the modern, high tech, Japan. Lots of manga and anime fans dream of going to Japan wearing anime sweatshirts to take pictures of popular anime. Below are 8 must see places in Japan that manga and anime fans must evaluate their next trip:

Studio Ghibli Museum – In case you like Studio Ghibli films like Laputa, Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro you are going to want to go to the official Studio Ghibli Museum located in Mitaka City Tokyo. The museum provides a huge condition and dolls from the Ghibli films, rooms filled with manufacturing cells which explain the animation process behind the films, as well as an official Ghibli memorabilia store.

The museum is well suited for kids and also adult as well and carries a cafeteria and caf inside of it. Since it’s quite well known by both Japanese as well as visitors alike individuals are urged to secure their tickets by purchasing them via the museum’s site in advance.

Lucky Star Shrine – The town of Kuki in Saitama could be the backdrop for the famous anime and manga series Lucky Star. The Washinomia shrine which is usually discovered there’s also depicted in the series. The shrine offers Lucky Star foods like themed Ema, lucky charms and postcards. On New Year’s Eve, the shrine throws a huge celebration with a few motifs from the Lucky Star series.

Onegai and Teacher Twins locations – Lake Kizaki in Nagano and its surrounding had been depicted thoroughly in the Onegai Teacher and also Onegai Twins anime series. The lake isn’t located near any important or big landmark so that it may be somewhat of a sidetrack for several, though the rich forest and traditional city located near it are definitely worth the time for anime and nonanime fans alike. The lake and its environment extend numerous attractions including forest tracks, traditional Japanese stores, lake activities and other tourist attractions.

Kannagi Shrine – Fans of the manga and anime Kannagi – Crazy Shrine Maidens could possibly wish to go to Hanabusa shrine. The shrine provided the backdrop for the manga and anime series Kannagi and also may be discovered in Shiogama City, Miyagi Prefecture. The shrine is quite humble and easy. Those visiting will discover Ema with illustrations from the Kannagi series strung inside or perhaps near it.

Tokyo Tower – a Japanese monument anime and manga fans might remember from the popular sequence Card Captor Sakura as well as Magic Knight Rayearth. Tokyo Tower comes with a fantastic view of Tokyo and also houses a few shops. It’s a favorite tourist spot that draws in Japanese as well as foreigners alike. Tokyo Tower is placed in Shiba-Koen, Tokyo, Minato.

Bakemonogatari Shrine – The Inari Shrine present in Kyoto was utilized as the backdrop for a couple episodes in the anime series Bakemonogatari. It’s a lovely shrine located at the feet of a mountain. It’s known for having a huge number of Torii (Shinto shrine gates) decorating its slopes plus the highways which result in it. The shrine was created over the mountainside. Those who climb the mountain is going to reach a lookout point from which they are able to observe Kyoto in its entirety.

The Kyoto Manga Museum – Kyoto hosts the manga museum – a school structure which was changed into a museum holding only manga! Those going to the museum can freely read through the thousands of manga volumes located within the second and first floors. The manga museum isn’t a commercial museum plus was started for the preservation of manga with cultural value. For all those scientists among you, there’s a research resource room with difficult to find historical manga in it. The museum also runs exhibitions on the story of comics and also manga worldwide.

Pokemon Centers – In Japan there exist many stores for all those fans of the Pokemon franchise. These’re called Pokemon Centers and therefore are created to look at sites on the Pokemon TV series and activities. In these clinics, you are able to purchase memorabilia, see photos from the anime series and also at exclusive events download rare and new Pokemon for you Nintendo DS Pokemon games. In total there are seven Pokemon Centers in Japan. The Tokyo Pokemon Center can be found in Kaigan, Tokyo, Minato Ku.