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Amadeus Translations is a leading international translation agency with a worldwide network of translators. More than 500 language translators, based in Europe, Asia, and the Americas contribute their expertise to our clients' projects. Our clients include law firms, government agencies, corporate entities and private individuals from Britain, the US, Russia and most parts of Europe. We are able to provide language translation services in almost any country.

We provide language translation, as well as website translation services. Virtually all our translators are members of professional bodies such as the London Institute of Linguists, the London Institute of Translation and Interpreting or similar professional bodies of the highest standards. Our aim is to ensure that our clients communicate effectively, to provide language translation services on time and accurately.

As a translation agency we are able to provide any type of language translation services, including the translation of personal documents, patents or marketing documents. We are also able to provide legal, financial, business, medical and technical translation services. We provide language translation services for Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and many other world languages.

Each translation project is unique and each presents different challenges. Once we have determined the difficulty of the material, the languages involved and the subject matter of the translation project, we carefully choose the right language translator for the job. All our translators translate only into their  native language (e.g. translations to Russian are performed exclusively by Russian language translators). Once a translation is completed, we carefully proofread the document to find any grammatical or syntax errors. 

If the project requires any special formatting, we take the finished translation and put it into the proper format. We also deliver the translation back via e-mail, fax, regular mail and overnight courier. We can also 'flow' the translated text into PowerPoint, PageMaker, Frame Maker, HTML, PDF, Excel, or any other format our clients require.
Many of our language translators are competent web designers. Therefore we also offer website translation services as well as software translation.

Website translation or localization involves translation of a website into different languages, and  involves more than a typical straight translation project. Our translators translate the main text of a web site,  format any images to include any foreign language text and translate the website's META tags (keywords, description, etc.), including any dynamic code which may not show up on printed pages of the website.

We are able provide website translation services virtually to any language. Please feel free to send us a link to your website and mention which languages you are interested in, and we will be happy to send you our most competitive quote.


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